Day at the beach

What you need for a day at the beach

Day at the beach

Lotions & potions, and probably a Sherpa


What do you really need for a day at the beach? If you’re anything like me it’s a Sherpa probably.

After generations of us dragging literally truckloads of kit to the beach & back, well someone has invented the beach wagon. Suddenly beaches are not only full of massive striped cabanas, but the boardwalks have turned into parking lots for these wagons.

Of course, my generation are only jealous, but it does make sense. Because kids aside, if you’re spending the best part of the day sur la plage… you have needs!

Personally, I’m a sunlounge girl, so if we’re on the sand all day I do love a good beach chair (preferably a 60s style cane one).

Plus, an umbrella big enough that 2+ people aren’t on top of each other chasing the shade.

And a sizeable beach towel that’s big enough to escape the sandy-ass syndrome.

Add a basket full of clothing, hats, sunscreen & reading material, food & beverage options and we’re talking a beach B-double (that’s a semi-trailer on steroids).

Q. But why such a big basket if you’re only sitting & swimming?
A. Options, it’s all about options.

Here’s my ideal list but one subject to Sherpa accessibility:





  • Wide brimmed & made of cooling straw… for sun protection
  • Baseball hat… for lying down & for wet hair (which ruins your straw one)


  • Wear your cozzie & your most bulky layer to save basket space en route
  • A cozzie coverup
  • A dry cozzie to change into (to wear for lunch, coffee/ice cream runs, or the drive home)
  • A sarong for semi-coverage, added shade, added warmth, or added towel area


Cruz Caftan Coverup

Cruz Caftan Mini Blush



Blossom Sarong

Blossom Sarong


Lotions & Potions

  • Sun creams for for face, for body, for lips
  • Wipes for messes
  • Aeroguard for pesky blowies & sand flies


  • Newspapers on weekends
  • Latest mags that are easy to flip through if its hectic
  • Latest book to read when it’s not too hectic so you can concentrate


Cooler Bag

  • With ice bricks
  • With enough water for a desert expedition
  • With beers for before lunch
  • With snacks, lunch & possibly fruit


Oh, and I do love a li-lo for a good old float on the high seas.

So, you get the picture… yep, it’s either a B-double or a B-sherpa. I can’t believe we used to do this with kids & dogs too. But to carry all your beachy needs without the Sherpa, shop our vast range of beach totes, baskets & backpacks @myislandhome right here… and just be, beside the sea!

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