Care Guide

A great woman once said ‘take care of your clothes like the good friends they are’...

Please feel free to call or email us with any question about your items, but here are a few golden rules to go by.


Please check the care labels on each item for washing instructions, but generally we recommend cold water and gentle machine washing using kinder and eco-friendly detergents.

Dry your clothing in the fresh air, not in the dryer, to avoid shrinkage & you know, to be a little kinder to the planet. Dry them out of direct sunlight to protect the colour.

Basically, your clothes will last longer this way.

When wearing them, avoid contact with rough or abrasive surfaces which can damage the fabric. And avoid dressing & undressing when wearing jewels which can snag your clothing and also damage the jewels.


Anything made of straw does not love the water as much as we do, so woven baskets and hats should be kept dry to avoid damage. The exceptions are our Seagrass and Sorrento Baskets. These two styles can get wet and be reshaped. Just be sure to dry them thoroughly to avoid mould & mildew.

Panama Hats may shrink over time, so we’d recommend ordering a slightly larger size. Hair fresh from the sea can cause the straw to contract or the cotton inner bands to shrink a little.


Be kind to your jewels! Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume & hairspray, saltwater & chlorine, household cleaners & chemicals.

Put them on once you’ve dressed to avoid snagging clips or settings which can weaken them, and cause breakage or loss of a gem or pearl. And take them off before you undress, when you swim or clean, and when you go to bed at night.