Maybe it was growing up on Sydney’s Long Reef Beach. 

Maybe it was watching too much Gilligan’s Island.

But us Aussies live on the world’s largest island (unofficially).

Our home is girt by sea – as we sing in our national anthem.

And 85% of our population lives within 50km of the coast.

We are the Saltwater People.


My name is Mandy Urquhart, and My Island Home is my summer love child.

It was inspired by life by the coast, the beach, and the easy-breezy Sydney summer…

It’s a little bit “chilled-out beach chic” and a little bit “relaxed resort holiday”.

We prefer things to be hand-made of natural materials by craftsmen & artisans.

We started slow and small in 2001 and that’s the way we like it.

We’re not a big operation.

We’re happy hanging out, on island-time.

Welcome to our happy island home.